Create VM Step 3: Storage

Pre-populating fields

In the ‘General’ step, we allow the user to select the guest operating system. This could allow us to auto-fill certain fields (like disk bus and network interface).

The 1st screen of the storage section in the wizard flow will show the disks in a table view. The user can add a disk (this could be either a new disk or attach an existing one).

add disk default

Once the user clicks the ‘Add disk’ button, a modal will be shown and the user can choose what kind of disk he/she wishes to add and fill in the details. The default selection will be a blank disk. The user is able to choose the type of disk from the Source drop down menu:

  • ISO
  • URL
  • Container
  • Attach disk

add disk modal


In case the user selects ISO

Modal with ISO selected

and fills in the details in the additional required input fields that are added upon the type of selection.

Modal with additional details

The user can also upload a new ISO file that will activate the browser’s file picker and then the filename would be shown in this “ISO” field.

Upload new ISO

Once the user completes the form and clicks apply, the disk is added to the top of the disks list table. Clicking the kebab will open a drop down menu where the disk can be edited in the modal form shown before.

User can choose to edit disk

edit disk modal

or get removed

User can choose to remove disk

Before the disk is removed, the user will be provided with a notification

User is notified before disk is removed

Any time the list of disks is empty (when no disk is available), the empty state will be shown.

no disk is available so empty state is shown


In case the user selects a ‘URL’ from the data source drop down

URL selected

URL selected


In case the user selects a ‘Container’ from the data source drop down

container selected

container selected


In case the user selects to attach ‘disk’ from the data source drop down

Attach disk selected

Attach disk selected

Attach disk selected