Content migrated to new site

Our OpenShift conventions and designs have moved to a new website. The UXD Design Hub is a new tool that documents the work of our multi-disciplinary team to support the larger ecosystem of Red Hat products. This OpenShift design site is no longer maintained and content is being migrated to the Design Hub.

OpenShift Design


This site includes designs, conventions, and research related to the OpenShift Container Platform ecosystem. Most of this site is created and maintained by the Red Hat User Experience Design team, but we welcome external contributions and suggestions.


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How to contribute

File issues or submit pull requests in the OpenShift Design GitHub repository.

We’ve created a full Getting Started guide for Red Hat designers who are new to GitHub.


Focus area Designer
Admin perspective Brie Mignano
Admin perspective Megan Hall
Admin perspective & OCM Gina Doyle
Admin perspective & OLM Colleen Hart
Dev perspective Beau Morley
Dev perspective Laura Wright
Dev perspective Parvathy Vijayakumary Ramachandran
Dev perspective, Pipelines Brigid Gliwa
Dev perspective, Serverless Rachael Petrie
KNI Andy Braren
KNI Nir Farkas
Monitoring Chris Shinn
OCM Cameron Britt
OLM & Quay Peter Kreuser
Research Carl Pearson
Research Jingfu Tan
Research Sj Clark
Storage Shiri Mordechay
Storage Yuval Galanti
Virtualization Foday Karin Kargbo
Virtualization Matt Carleton
Virtualization Ran Elimelech
Virtualization Yifat Friman Menchik
Visuals Michael Celedonia
Visuals Sunil Malagi