Content migrated to new site

Our OpenShift conventions and designs have moved to a new website. The UXD Design Hub is a new tool that documents the work of our multi-disciplinary team to support the larger ecosystem of Red Hat products. This OpenShift design site is no longer maintained and content is being migrated to the Design Hub.


How to use this guide

This guide represents the latest state of designs or in-product workflows. It is meant to be used as a source by anyone designing within the OpenShift ecosystem, with the intention of creating a consistent experience. This documentation is meant to provide insight into the current conventions used in the product and, where applicable, document upcoming conventions (that have been agreed on by product and design stakeholders). This guide also aims to show examples to give context for designing similar pages or workflows.

OpenShift uses PatternFly as a pattern library and this guide does not replace PatternFly in any way – it builds upon PatternFly in the specific context of OpenShift. These conventions show how PatternFly components are combined to create OpenShift specific experiences. Currently, OpenShift is in the process of implementing PatternFly 4 – the process is documented on this site, under PatternFly.

OpenShift designs for individual workflows or new patterns are hosted and approved on this repository: OpenShift Origin Design.

When designing for OpenShift, we recommend using these Sketch libraries and becoming familiar with PatternFly. To use the OpenShift Sketch library, you must first add the PatternFly Sketch library (as the OpenShift library is dependent on this).

How to contribute

Here is a guide for Red Hat designers who want to contribute to GitHub.

Designers can create issues on the OpenShift Design GitHub repository for issues like missing or incorrect documentation.

For creating a new pattern or redesigning an existing pattern, designers can submit designs as a pull request through the OpenShift Design Github repository.

This getting started guide for Red Hat designers on GitHub explains how to set up and contribute. For the design conventions screenshots, use the Sketch screenshots file on GitHub for creating and exporting screenshots referenced on the design conventions.