Getting Started - Samples

Samples is a feature in the OpenShift Developer perspective.

It is featured as a card on the Add page, providing users the ability to create sample applications with ease.

Samples is a feature that enables users to create and deploy sample applications using code samples. The samples page features a variety of code samples that are available to users. Once users select a code sample, they are brought to the Create Sample Application form. This page provides only the most important details that users may want to access. Users simply have to click the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the page to move to the Topology view where they can view the deployment.

The Samples card is featured on the Add page

Samples card on Add page

The Samples page features code samples that users can choose from to create applications

Samples page

The Create Sample Application form provides users with details about the sample application they have selected

Create Sample Application Form

The Sample Application deployment is visible in Topology