Search - Add to Navigation in Dev Perspective


This feature is enabled on the Search page in the Developer perspective, and is not available in the Administrator perspective.

  • On the Search page, users will be able add and remove resources to the navigation menu in the Developer perspective.
  • Added resources will be saved per user per machine.
  • If there are resources added, a separator will be added below Search (the last navigation item) in the Dev Perspective navigation.
  • Added items will be displayed as primary nav items under the separator, in the order they were added.
  • The user should be able to unpin directly from the navigation. Config Maps & Secrets will be pre-pinned by default, but users can remove these items.
  • There is no limit to the number of items the user can add to the navigation.

Adding to navigation -from Search page

  • On the Search page, a “Add to navigation” button link is available on the accordion title.
  • Clicking on the Add to navigation button will add the Resource Type to the left navigation, under the separator.
  • The Add to navigation link then changes to Remove from navigation, as shown in the next screen.

search-01 Figure 1 - Add to navigation

Removing from navigation - from Search page

On the Search page, if a resource type is already added to nav, the button link label is changed to Remove from navigation.

search-02 Figure 2 - Remove from navigation

Removing from navigation - from navigation

search-03 Hovering over an item on the navigation menu will display an selectable icon. Clicking on this icon allows the user to remove the item from the Nvigation menu. Figure 3 - Hover over nav item


A confirmation dialog is displayed when removing an item from navigation.

search-04 Figure 4 - Confirmation

Mobile Considerations

In mobile, the Add to/Remove from navigation button link should be stacked under the resource name in the accordion.