Update Operator Installing with Common Long Running Styling

Shortly after the new screen to Convey an operator is installing was developed, it was realized that other actions in the console could make use of a similar interaction. This design conveys a more generic version of the operator installing screen, and examples of perhaps how other actions could use a similar interaction and styling.

Operator Installation

These screens show how the existing Installing Operator feature could appear using newer, more generic, visuals, which could perhaps be reused for other use cases.

Installing an operator

Install operator

Installed operator

Installing an operator with required custom resource

Install operator CR

Installed operator CR

Manual approval required

Install operator manual approval

Error occured

Install operator error

Common ‘Long Running’ Styling

This portion of the design describes what common elements the common styling may have, as well as some sample screens of how interactions using the styling might appear.

Note: The features shown in the examples are not finalized and are only for conveying possible uses of the styling.

Possible Common Styling Elements

  • Spinner, progress bar, or status icon
  • Title
  • Message text
  • Inline alerts (as needed)
  • Primary and secondary actions (as buttons or links, max 2 per line)

Full Page Examples

Full page upload

Full page create

Full page icon

Full page table

Modal bar

Modal spinner

Modal icon