Alertmanager Configuration

alerts list view

  • To consolidate all admin-level alerting functions together, Alerts and Silences pages could be combined onto the same page as tabs with the Configuration and YAMl pages

alerting configuation tab

  • The Configuration tab would show some basic grouping information from the default route section of the YAML and a list of receivers for the cluster.

configuration tab with create menu open showing receiver types

  • Clicking the “create” dropdown would enable users to create a receiver based on an integration type.
  • We could provide the entire list of integration types here, or just a subset as time allows.
  • Users would only be able to create receivers with a single type of integration. More complex receivers could be created from the YAML tab.

Creating the default receiver

create receiver page

  • The create receiver form would expose basic required information for the given integration type.
  • If there is no information in the global section of the config YAML for a given receiver type, possible global fields are added to the form with the option to write them to the global secton. If the “Save as default…” box is not checked, they are simply added to the receiver itself.
  • Optional fields appear if the user clicks the Show advanced configuration button.
  • If no receivers have been created, no other fields are available as this receiver must become the default receiver for alerts.

Creating subsequent receivers

create reciever page with routing labels section

  • Once a default receiver exists, subsequent receiver creation forms will have a Routing Labels section that enables users to create a very basic routing rule for the receiver at the same time.
  • The routing rule would be a direct child of the default route and would simply match all labels specified in the form.
  • This would NOT enable users to create nested routes. That would need to be done through the Configuration YAML editor.

create receiver page with advanced configuration hidden

  • If global configuration fields have previously been defined for a given receiver type, those settings are automatically filled in and hidden under the advanced configuration section with other optional fields.

configuration tab with populated recievers list

  • Receivers created in the YAML and any associated labels would be displayed on the Configuration tab, but they would not be editable through the form. Similarly, deleting would not be enabled from this screen because removing a given receiver and associated routes might disrupt a complicated tree.

alertmanager config YAML editor tab

  • The YAML tab would contain the Alertmanager configuration YAML and would enable users to create receivers and routing rules as well as editing other values such as grouping rules.