Cron Jobs

Create Cron Job

  • Clicking the Create Cron Job button launches the creation form.

  • Users are prompted to enter a name for the Cron Job, a schedule, and an image and command to run.
  • By default, users are presented with a cron expression field and a link to documentation explaining the syntax.
  • For more advanced use cases, clicking Edit YAML takes the user to an editor to manually configure the cronjob.

  • Alternatively, users may select a period which presents the relevant fields for stating when the report should be run

Suspend Cron Job

  • A cron job can be run immediately by clicking the Run Job button.
  • Jobs can also be temporarily suspended by selecting Suspend Jobs from the actions menu.

  • When cron job has been suspended, a banner appears at the top of the page explaining the state and proving a button to resume normal activity.

  • The job schedule may also be resumed from the Actions menu.

Jobs List

  • The Jobs tab will contain a list of the jobs created by the selected cron job.