Console Customizations


  • Cluster admins will be given the ability to customize certain aspects of the web console for all cluster users.
  • Some of the customizations include:
    • Adding links to the megamenu
    • Adding notifications above and/or below the console
    • Changing download links for CLI tools
    • Etc.
  • The console will enable these customizations via CRDs.


  • A Console Customizations navigation item should appear under the Administration main navigation section.

main nav

  • The Console Customizations page should list out all instances of customizations with the columns Name, Type, and Created.
  • The list of customizations should be filterable by name via text input, or by type via toggle filters.
  • If no customizations exist, users will see the standard empty state.
  • Open question: Is filtering actually necessary?

customizations list

  • Users will create new customizations by selecting the desired customization from the Create dropdown selector.
  • Specific customization options TBD.

create selector

  • After selecting the customization from the dropdown selector, users will be presented with example YAML for that customization which they can then edit.

customization yaml

  • Once the user has edited the example YAML, the create button will add the customization.

custom notification

  • Users may edit or delete instances of customizations on the Console Customizations page.

Multiple instances of customizations

  • Whether or not users may have multiple instances of a customization will be determined on a per customization basis.
    • For some customizations, like customizing the branding, it does not make sense to allow more than one option.
    • While for others, such as console notifications, it may be reasonable to have more than one.
  • Likewise, behavior and precedence will be determined per customization when there are multiple instances.