Creating a Report

  • The Report Query selector contains a list of the queries that could be used to create a report.
  • The namespace could be selected, or potentially filled in automatically depending on the selected query.
  • Checking Run Immediately would make the start and end dates required fields if applicable.

  • In addition to creating an unscheduled report, users would be able to choose from a number of available periods or manually enter a CRON expression.

  • Selecting a period provides the relevant fields for describing when the report should be run.

  • Selecting the CRON option would provide a text box to enter an expression.
  • A link to documents explaining cron syntax would be provided in this case


  • Reports could also be created from the context of a query.

  • In this case, the query and namespace fields could be automatically populated with the details of the query.
  • Ideally, the report name would be automatically updated with the name of the query and the period. Users could override this by typing in the Report Name box.