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**Workloads: Utilization Charts **

Reported issues:

Marvel prototype (4.8 release):


When moving to OCP 4 metrics charts for Deployments, Deployment Configs, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, ReplicaSets, and ReplicationControllers. These should be the same charts that we show on the Pods page: Memory, CPU, Filesystem, Network In and Out. Currently, in the 4.7 release, this was only completed for the Pods page.


Present options including multi-line charts across workloads Details pages or some other representation.

Design for 4.8 release (MVP)

The first screenshot (below) introduces multi-line charts on a Deployments page. The Pods view remains the first option as it is an interactive feature that allows users to scale pods within a deployment. The multi-line charts have a tooltip available on hover that can click through to a Grafana metrics view.

Workloads deployment details charts

The second screenshot includes a tooltip hover state on a chart to help distinguish between datasets. This tooltip should use a side arrow (carrot) and float beyond the bounding box of the chart in order to uncover the data as much as possible.

Workloads deployment details charts with legends