Empty states

Note: This convention hasn’t been implemented in code across the Console yet, but all new designs should still follow these guidelines.

Default empty states

When there are no workloads

no workloads

  • Use this empty state across workloads when there are no items to show. Include the resource’s schema description and link to the API Explorer to learn more. The primary action should allow the user to Create [Resource].
  • In cases where users should not be creating objects in specific namespaces, remove the primary Create button and include informational text in the body explaining why.
  • Where applicable, use the resource’s badge in grey for the empty state icon.

no workloads2

  • For this case, the primary Create button should be “Add IDPs” and redirect users to the OAuth page. A user icon should be used for this empty state.

no workloads3

  • Since users cannot create or add events, this empty state does not have a primary action.

Could not connect

could not connect

When nothing matches a filter

nothing matches a filter connect

Small empty states

small empty states1

small empty states2