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Details pages & tabs

A resource is an object in the system: Kubernetes objects (Containers, Pods, Deployments, etc), custom objects in OpenShift (Projects), or custom resources created by an installed Operator (Alerting rule). As a general rule, creating a custom object that is an abstraction or expansion of a Kubernetes concept can be confusing and is advised against (for example Projects as an abstraction of Namespaces).

Tabs are generally used to segment content: details and meta information about the resource, configurations, related settings, related objects, and child objects.

Resource dashboard:

Resource dashboard

Resource overview:

Resource overview

Resource YAML:

Resource yaml

Resource pods:

Resource pods

Resource environment:

Resource environment

Resource events:

Resource events

Resource terminal:

Resource terminal

Resource role bindings:

Resource role bindings

Resource workloads:

Resource workloads

Details panel

A details panel provides a summary view of the resource and related information.

Details overview:

Panel overview

Details resources:

Panel resources