OpenShift Java Client

A Java library for interacting with the OpenShift API. It offers most of the features that are currently available in the rhc command line tools (create/rename a domain, create/destroy applications, list all existing applications, available cartridges, embed cartridges, etc.). This library is also used in the Eclipse JBoss Tools Plugin for OpenShift.

Get Started

Instructions on how to get the source code and build the library using Maven, or use the pre-built artifact from the Maven Central Repository.

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Learn how to interact with the OpenShift API in your own applications. The code is well documented and the Javadocs are available here.

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Sample Code

How about some example code to help you get going using this library? Click the link below and view basic and advanced code samples.

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Get Help

Find out where you can read the documentation, ask questions, log bug reports, and who you can contact if all else fails.

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Source Code

View the source code on github, fork it, and send a pull request, after you read the Contribute section of course.

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Join Us

Learn how to setup your favorite IDE, install the Maven dependencies, run the tests, and build the library. Also included are tips on indentation, merging your changes in git, squashing commits, and sending pull requests.

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