This guide will walk you through retrieving the OpenShift Origin source from GitHub and build local copies of the Origin RPMS.

OpenShift Origin requires a Fedora 19, or RHEL 6.4 compatible system to build these packages. You should start with a minimal installation to perform the build.

1. Install basic dependencies (Requires root to install RPMs)

yum install -y rubygem-thor git tito yum-plugin-priorities wget vim-enhanced \
ruby-devel rubygems-devel rubygem-aws-sdk rubygem-parseconfig rubygem-yard rubygem-redcarpet \

2. Clone the openshift-dev-tools repository

git clone git://

3. Clone the OpenShift Origin sources

# From origin-dev-tools's checkout
export SKIP_SETUP=1
./build/devenv clone_addtl_repos master

4. Install package requirements (Requires root to install RPMs)

# From origin-dev-tools's checkout
# This step will install a lot of RPMs and will take a while
./build/devenv install_required_packages

5. Build RPMs (Requires root to install RPMs)

# From origin-dev-tools's checkout
./build/devenv local-build --skip-install

RPMs will be available in origin-rpms directory.

6. Create RPM metadata so that the directory can be accessed as a YUM repository

# From the origin-rpms directory
createrepo .